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You Can Create a Gorgeous Blowout


Have you ever left the salon and felt like “Dang girl, you look good!”?

Girl, that is a gorgeous blow out!!  Right?

Can you recreate the look at home?

I bet you can and I’m going to be sharing my secrets with you. 

With being a hairstylist behind the chair for about 14 years, I have learned a few tips along the way.

Step 1. 

When you get out of the shower, I want you to wrap your hair in a towel.  Try to extract as much moisture as you can. This will save you lots of time.

Step 2.

I want you to apply a heat protectant.  My favorite is Surface Trinity Repair Tonic.  

I want you to make sure that you are protecting your hair from heat and environmental damage. 

Your hair grows on average 6 inches a year.  So if you have long hair, those ends could be 2-3 years old.  Think of the chemical process and other damage that it could have gone through in that time.  You want to baby those ends.

Next, I want you to add your styling aide.  I would recommend a mousse, gel or smoothing cream. (Depending on your hairstyle goal)

Step 3.

Get your tools.  



-Wet Brush

-Round Brush (the size of the round brush will determine the volume in your hair, or the curl)


Step 4.

Take your wet brush and blow dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry (your hair is only a little more than slightly damp).  If you start trying to style it before it’s 80% dry, you are going to be wasting your energy. Your hair will hold no memory until you’ve reached 80%.

Step 5.

Take your clip and section your hair from ear to ear.  

Second section, temple to temple.

Third Section, will be the front (bang area).

Step 6.

Take small sections and blow dry the bottom.  Once it is completely dry, use the “cool” button on your blow dryer to cool down your hair.  This will set in your work. Plus, it will seal down your cuticle and polish your style.

With this section being at the bottom, you won’t be able to create too much volume because of the natural fall of your hair.  

Step 7.

Release section 2 down.  Repeat the same steps from above.  

You may not be able to create a lot of volume in this section either.  If you have hair above your shoulders, you can create fullness through the sides.

Step 8.

Release section 3.  This is the money section!

This is where you are going to spend most of your time.  This is where the volume will be.

I want you to take small sections.  Smooth out your section with your round brush.  

Then you will over direct your, beyond the part and roll it back down the brush. 

When your section is completely dry, use the ‘cool’ button to seal in the volume.  

Repeat this throughout the whole section.

Step 9.

If you want lift around your face, you need to determine which way your hair naturally falls.  If your hair falls forward (you will feel like it hangs in your face), you want to blow-dry your hair back.

If your hair falls straight down or slightly back you want to blow dry your hair forward (towards your forehead).

Make sure you set your section with the ‘cool’ button.  Then flip it back the opposite direction.

This will give you optimal volume around your face.

Step 10.

When your hair is completely finished, I want you take a dime size of the Surface Bassu Oil and rub it between your hands.  Then you will glide your hair hands through your hair. Let your hair glide the oil off your hands. This will make sure you don’t get too much product in any one spot.

The Bassu Oil will give you a finished look.

If you want a quick way that does not involve a round brush, I want you to have velcro rollers.  You want the velcro rollers to be the same size as your round brush.

You will still follow Step 1 and 2.  You will still apply your heat protectant and your styling aide.

You will still need a wet brush, only this time I want you blow dry your hair 100%

While your hair is still warm, use your velcro rollers and follow step 8.  Then put your blow dryer on low and add some more heat to each roller.

Then you will finish getting ready or do what you’ve got to do.  When they are completely cool, take the rollers out and apply your Bassu Oil.


Are you ready to master a few more styles?

Schedule your 1:1 Virtual Styling session today.  I will teach you 3 styles that you can master. You even get a video copy of our session.

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