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Time to Use Your Voice and Make a Change


Use your voice to make the change you want to see in the world. You were born with a voice, and it’s time you use it for the better. If you see something you’re not comfortable with, say something.  

You may think, “I’m only one person.” That doesn’t matter. Every small change we make has a ripple effect. If you use your voice and even just one person listens, you made an impact. You have a purpose!

“When we find the courage to use our voice, it has the power to positively inspire or change the lives of others. It’s part of the special gift you have to offer the world and is something to be cherished and championed, never hidden.” -Nicole O’Neill

How do you find the courage to use your voice?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what it is you are going to use your voice for. What is it that means a lot to you? What do you want to make a change with?

After you know what you are speaking for, now write your why. Why does this matter to you?  

Here is a great article that helps you with how to use your voice most constructively. 

Once you know what you are standing up for and why it matters to you, your passion will do the rest.

Once you write those down, make sure you keep them where you can see them daily. You can even make it an alarm that pops up on your phone to remind you.

How can you make an impact by using your voice?

It only takes one person to make a change. When you talk to others about things that are important to you, you will be a teacher. Use your voice to educate other people on issues they may not be aware of.

I love talking with women about clean beauty and why it’s important to us. I like sharing new things that I learn and resources that they can look at. By sharing my passion, I can help someone else learn about the harmful ingredients that they are putting on their body, and they may never have heard of them.

You are doing others a disservice if you don’t use your voice. I want you to think back to a situation in which you were having a conversation with another person, and they were talking about something that they were passionate about. Did you learn something new?

Now write that down. I want you to have this story to reflect on when you think you are too small or that your voice doesn’t matter.  

“Your voice is your superpower.” -Lisa Congdon

What if people don’t agree with me?

Good if people don’t agree with you. It’s not your job to make people agree with you. You’re never going to please everyone!

This is your life and your journey. Everyone has a different purpose.

I went to a business retreat, and we had a guest speaker, Rachel Luna. She gave this incredibly motivating presentation. I was on fire after, and I was ready to run with this inspiration.

One thing she said, I will never forget, “You have to be ok to offend people, and you have to be ok with being offended.” 

This struck a chord in me. If we are continually living life afraid to say something wrong, there won’t be lessons learned. Imagine everyone you meet has the same point of view as you. Where would the challenge come from? Where would you learn other perspectives? To me, it sounds robotic.

I love talking with people about things you shouldn’t discuss. That’s when I learn the most. We never will know everything, but we can learn a lot when we’re ok having a different opinion.

How can you make a change in the beauty industry?

This is something that really lights me up!! Like this is my Jam, yo!!!

We use, on average, 12 personal care products a day. Do you know what’s in your products because this is over 168 different chemicals? Now I’m not going to say that you need to know what every ingredient is, but if you do, awesome!

However, when I started to learn what some of these ingredients were, I was furious. They can be carcinogenic (cancer-causing), endocrine disruptors, skin allergens, cause respiratory problems, and more. I don’t even understand why this is acceptable to have these harmful ingredients in our products.  

It’s not acceptable, but the beauty industry has not had its regulations updated since 1938. Basically, that means no one is monitoring the quality that is required by us.

I have been researching to find companies that have the same values as me. I don’t want to use a product that will be harmful to me, my family, the environment, or animals. There are a lot of really great product lines out there.

One way you can help make a change with the beauty industry is by only buying from the companies that are looking out for you. Put your money where your mouth is. By only supporting those companies, you are telling the others that you will not settle for less. They will eventually have to make a change to their standards.

Are you new to the clean beauty world? Grab my free list of harmful ingredients to make sure none of your products contain these.

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Why you need to speak up now!

Well, you can either complain about things you aren’t happy with and do nothing but that. Or you can demand a change and educate others around you. Remember, you are here for a greater purpose, and you are made to make an impact.

All that’s needed is one voice to start the ripple effect.

So grab your list you made on your what matters most, and why. Now write down the steps you need to make to make a difference.  

I do it by voicing my passion for clean beauty. I want to lead women to be healthy, and the earth to be clean, and animals not harmed. It is my mission to make a change in our industry where we won’t have to worry about our products containing harmful ingredients one day.

Comment below, what’s your impact? What are you using your voice for?

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