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Time to Feel Smooth, Silky Skin. This is my Review on the Best Razor for Women.

Have you ever shaved your legs and ended up with those painful little red bumps or even cuts?

Oh, that was the story of my life. Notice I said WAS? I have found the best razor for women.

My poor husband, I would only shave maybe once per week. Oh, it wasn’t because that’s all that I needed to do. It hurt! I hated to shave. I mean don’t get me wrong, I loved the feeling, and I would make my husband feel that my legs could be smooth once a week.

Oh, dear… we went there.

Well fret no more, I have found a razor, shaving cream and lotion that I absolutely love. Let me introduce you to Billie

What is Billie?

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Billie is a razor club. They are a company that is taking a stand for women. They are strong advocates to get rid of ‘Pink Tax.’ Pink tax is a term used to describe charging women more for products or services because they’re women.

They also donate 1% of all revenue to women causes around the world. As of now, they are giving to Every Mother Counts.  They are an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere. Awesome, right!?!

Is it ‘clean’?

I would not be raving about this line if it weren’t non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. All of my favorites need to meet my 3 checks. Billie products are vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, non-GMO, exclude synthetic fragrances, and never tested on animals.

Let’s talk about the shaver.

So the handle is ergonomic (super comfy to hold). It’s made of lightweight resin and matte rubber. You won’t have to worry about your shaver getting to slick in the shower and dropping it. Thus, causing a possible dangerous blade. You have your choice of 5 different razor colors. So cute, right?

The blades are encased in charcoal soap, for an even smoother glide. The blades are spaced just right so that it won’t clog. Now I can remove the old toothbrush from my shower that I had to use for this very reason. (palm to face)

What else do they have?

They have shaving cream, body lotion, and body wash. I have personally used the shaving cream and LOVE it. It feels velvety and creates a smooth glide with the razor.

The Dry-Bye Body lotion is fantastic as well. There is not a strong fragrance, which I love. The lotion is lightweight and absorbs in quickly. It adds just the right amount of moisture. Everyone in my house loves this lotion as well.

Now, I have not used the body wash yet, but I’m so impressed with the rest of the products I feel confident in saying this is impressive as well. I will, for sure, be adding this to my list to try next time.

Now let’s talk moola.

This is one of the most affordable razors and accessories I have seen. The razors are $9, as well as the replacement cartridges. Products range from $8- $12.

Now you can make an educated decision and feel confident in what you are putting on your body and know that you are supporting a company with good ethics.

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