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Organizing your life and mind, for that matter, can help save you from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and chaotic. If you’re someone who is continually forgetting stuff, suffering from decision fatigue, and continuously rushed, then I have 3 tools that will save you.

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Why is it important to organize your life?

We make on average over 35,000 conscious decisions a day. It’s no wonder that you feel overwhelmed or can’t make another decision.

I used to feel like I had so much to do, not enough time to do it, or I couldn’t even remember what I had to do. I was relying so much on just remembering and not writing it down or organizing it in any way.

organize your life less overwhelm

I would find recipes that were delicious and think I’ll remember that next time. I would do a stretch video on YouTube and think how I loved that stretch, and I’d have to add that to my routine. Do you think I ever remembered either of these? No, I thought it and forgot it.

I can’t wait to teach you about these tools to help you not forget what you love or build a library.

Also, don’t let anyone else add to your mental list. My mom used to tell me to remind her to do something when we got to her house. I had to tell her no. I can’t be responsible for remembering her stuff. I have so much to remember for myself.

*Just a side note 

3 Top tools to use to organize

First up we have, YouTube. YouTube is great at organizing videos to reference back to you. You can create a playlist. Create as many categories work for you.

Example: Simple life hacks, organizing life, hair tutorials, meal planning, food to try, workouts I love

Those are just a few, but you can add any videos that you watch to your specific playlist. Gone will be the days of remembering what video you watched and wanted to try.

The second tool to try is Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest. I have so many boards. I like to break my boards down into specific subcategories. For instance, I have one labeled Vegan. Within that category, I have Vegan Breakfast, Vegan Snacks, Vegan Lunch, Vegan Dinner. 

So you can see how you can organize even further within Pinterest. Create your boards just like you did with your YouTube playlist.

Note, if you have a business account and want to hide your personal boards, you can make them secret. Then you can keep all of your boards in 1 account.   

Lastly, try Trello. If you have never tried Trello, your mind will be blown.

Trello is a great organizational tool where you can create up to 10 boards for the free account. This is the cool part, inside each board, you have cards.

For example, if you have a board for hairstyles. One card can be Hairstyles to try, the next Hairstyles I love, next Hairstyles I don’t love, and next Hairstyles for a special occasion.

This is also great for meal planning, workouts, to-do list, and work.  

If you want a tutorial on this one, let me know. I love how you can customize so much in each board. Play around with it, have fun!


Couple extra favs too

In addition to the 3 that I mentioned above, I also love my ical. If you’re not an iphone user, you may love Google cal.  

organize your life calendar

I like to see my week laid out at a glance. I can add my workouts, my time to get the kids ready and to school, what hours I work, where I will clean, and extra activities.

If you are trying to keep your family all informed of the schedule, one of the calendars you can create is your family calendar. When you add an event to the calendar, it will alert the other family members.

This way, you are keeping everyone on the same page.

Another awesome tool I use ALL the time is the notes app on my phone. I keep a running to-do list on there. I also use this whenever I have something pop into my head that I need to remember.  

I sometimes have a list of things I want to do later, and they come to me while I’m driving. I will use the talk to text feature and rattle them off while driving. Then I don’t have to worry about forgetting them when I get to my destination.  

After you see your to-do list, go into your planner and prioritize them. P.S. always allow extra time.


Get it out of your mind.

One thing I have found to be most helpful is just to get it out of your mind. I am constantly putting too much pressure on myself to remember everything. As I do it, I think why not just write it down.

organize your life notebook

Trust me; you will instantly feel less stressed and less bogged down. I, too, will keep a notebook on the counter if I’m doing a lot around the house. When something comes to me, I will add it to the notebook.

If you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list, look to see where you can delegate. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


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