Reward Yourself and Enjoy Life

How to reward yourself for accomplishments


It’s time to start rewarding your progress.  When did it become a thing that we need to hustle to keep going?  We need to keep doing and doing and doing.  And never stop along the way to see how far we have come. I’m going to share different ways to reward yourself on your journey.


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What happens when we don’t reward yourself

I have seen in fitness groups that I’m in women saying they do the workouts, nutrition is on point, and is exhausted. 

Is she doing too much? Is she not getting enough sleep or rest? Maybe not eating enough for the amount of workout and calorie burn?

Nowadays, we are always striving for the next step and the next big thing, even without checking in with ourselves.

Throughout the process, are you rewarding yourself? Are you taking a step back to enjoy the progress you are making along the way?

reward yourself

When we don’t take the step back to celebrate our progress, burnout happens. You are pushing so hard, and you think you haven’t achieved any progress yet, and you end up quitting. It’s not happening fast enough.

If not, what’s the point? What’s it all for? If you can’t enjoy the process and each step on your journey, you are always living life waiting for the next big thing instead of enjoying what’s in front of you.


How I make sure to reward myself

Right now, I’m in a workout program, and I reward myself at the end of each week for completing each workout and the added stretch.

I wasn’t always a stretch girl. I have realized its benefit for my body, job, and feet. This trickles into every aspect of my life.

Week one, I rewarded myself with a massage. Week 2 was a new workout outfit.

Where can you notice your progress and reward yourself?

It doesn’t have to be a monetary reward. It can be, I’m going to complete x,y,z and then go to the beach. Or I’m going to take Sunday afternoon off or leave work early on Friday.  

Other ideas of ways to reward your self

reward yourself- spa day

  • Go to the spa

  • Get a pedicure

  • Buy a new hair product or tool

  • Buy an accessory or makeup

  • Buy a new shirt

  • Take the day off

  • Hang out with a friend

  • Watch a movie

  • Buy a book you’ve been eyeing

  • Take a new class or workshop online

Use your list. If you’ve been a part of my clean beauty workshops (learn more on these here), you know you have a list of what you will replace for a reduced toxin product that is healthy for your body. You can use these beauty products as your reward too.

How to plan your rewards

So what is your goal? What is that you are working toward? I want you to plan how you want to achieve your goal. Then within your plan, pick out what are your small achievement goals. When that is done, plan your reward.  

Yes, plan it ahead of time.

When times get tough along the way, you have your reward for helping push you along.

Slow down. Step back. Enjoy the journey.

“You can only build on success!” Tony Robbins


Grab your free guide to feel less overwhelmed and stressed, with an Organized and Simplified Life here.

Jenny Brereton

I love teaching women how to transition to clean beauty products.  It gives them the control in knowing that what they use is safe for them and their family.

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