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Do You Need 4 Tips to Save Time to Style Your Hair?


The number one reason why women say they don’t style their hair is lack of time. 

Is this you?

Are your mornings rushed as you get everyone else ready?  Or do you hit snooze one too many times?

Here are 4 ways to help you save time and style your hair.


#1 Prepare the night before


Does your morning feel as hectic as mine? Wake up, get the kids up for school, make breakfast, help them get dressed, make sure lunches are packed, backpacks are packed, permission slips are signed, etc. (Oye, how are we not exhausted before we even leave the house?)

After the kids are out the door, you have a short window to get yourself ready.  No time to sit down and enjoy your coffee or even eat your breakfast. Maybe you try to squeeze that in while you’re getting dressed and putting makeup on. 

Ok so now do you pack your lunch or do your hair?

Food is a priority, hair is usually back up in a messy bun.  

How many of you can so relate to this?  I know I can. 

This is how I fixed it.


#1 – Streamline your morning

  • My kids make their own lunches

  • I create a weekly meal plan for myself. Now I know what I’m having for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  No more time wasted staring into the fridge and pantry waiting for something to pop out at me.  

  • Following my meal plan, I meal prep.  If you’re making oatmeal for breakfast, make a few extra portions. If you’re going to make a smoothie, have everything prepped in freezer bags so you can just grab and blend.  Maybe you want to have a salad or sandwich for lunch, make a couple of days at once. I also love leftovers as an easy lunch. 

  • I’m pretty lucky because my kids go to a school with uniforms.  That takes the guesswork out of what they should wear in the mornings. If your kids don’t wear uniforms, have them lay out their clothes the night before and you do the same.


#2 Ask your partner for help


If you find yourself getting yourself AND the kids ready and your partner only has to focus on themselves, ask for help.  He/she may think that you have it all under control and don’t need help. Maybe you can help the kids get dressed and they can help with breakfast and lunch prep. Then you can use that extra time to get ready without the rush.  

This can be a hard one sometimes.  We’re so used to just going, going, going.  It’s part of our routine. I want you to think about how nice it would feel to have some help in the morning? 

Amazing, right?

Maybe even relaxing or less stressed.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty dreamy to me.


#3 Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday


I know for those of you that wash everyday this sounds gross.  Again, this used to be me. I couldn’t take a shower and not wash my hair.  Plus it would get greasy half way through day 2.

Well, my dear, I have now found true love and it’s called Dry Shampoo.  

Have you tried it yet?  This stuff is amazing!!!! (Remember they are not all created equally)

I can now go 2-4 days without washing my hair.  Even on day 2, it’s not greasy anymore. I use my dry shampoo on day 2-4.  Just to feel fresh, make it smell good and absorb the grease.

This is when I can try something new and cute. And the day before I wash my hair it usually ends up in a cute upstyle. (p.s. that’s usually when I get the most hair compliments)


#4 Master a few different techniques


When you feel confident with a few different techniques, you can really put together some cute styles.  My faves are braids and curls.  

I have learned how to master a 3 strand, french, dutch, fishtail and bubble.  Now I can come up with so many different styles that are a mixture of these.

Another favorite of mine is to learn different ways to curl your hair.  You can do a regular curl, wrap it around the barrel and Hollywood glam.  Just to name a few.

Then you can combine the curl and the braids too!!!

Your possibilities are endless.


Now I want you to think about how you feel when you leave the salon.  

Do you feel beautiful, do you feel important, do you feel kinda like a badass?

Don’t you want to feel those feelings on the daily?

Why do you save those feelings for a once every 6-8 week appointment? Taking the time to style your hair is taking the time for you.  You’re showing yourself that you’re important. Your partner and children aren’t any more important than you.  

You need to know that! 

You need to feel that!

So girl, take some time for yourself in the morning and make yourself feel beautiful. 

Click the link below to schedule a 1:1 virtual styling session.  I will teach you up to 3 hairstyles and record our session so you have a video to reference when you practice the styles on your own.


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