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What Clean Beauty Has Taught Me. My top 10 Clean Beauty Tips.

I’m going to share with you 10 clean beauty tips that I have learned on  my journey.  Everyone’s journey may look different, but after writing this post for you, I realized how impactful it has been for me.

You can enjoy the video below, where I dive into my top 10 tips and lessons or continue reading below.

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#1. You may be able to prevent it.

clean beauty

While learning ALOT about the ingredients in the products we are using daily, the effects they can have on our bodies can be quite harmful. There may be ingredients that cause skin irritations, allergies, sensitizers, and even endocrine disruptors or cancer.

So I like having the peace of mind in knowing what is in my products. Otherwise, you may not know the effects inside your body until it’s too late.

I was amazed when I learned how to read the product labels on how many harmful ingredients there are, and in most products. The back of a package used to look foreign to me. I now have the confidence to distinguish the different symbols and knowing what ingredients to look out for.

I feel confident in what I buy for my family.

#2. There are so many good options out there.

You don’t have to settle for a product that isn’t supporting your health. Our beauty products should add to our wellbeing, not hurt our health. Whoever said, “Beauty is pain,” sure was wrong.

Many companies are starting to wise up and raise their standards. They know the consumers are beginning to educate themselves on their products.

With that said, there are so many up and coming companies and ones that have been around for years. You just may not have heard of them. That’s what’s so great about the internet, and we can connect to so many other brands.

With that being said, you don’t need to own EVERYTHING! I want you to take a look in your bathroom and see how many products you currently own that you don’t use.

Keep your “blinders” on, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Focus on one category at a time.

#3. There are so many other great advocates

clean beauty

I love seeing all of the other women out there, advocating for clean beauty as well. I don’t view them as competitors because we are in this as a team to make a difference.

It’s really neat also to see other’s opinions and views.

#4. This is how I can make my impact

I’ve always wanted to feel like I was contributing to a larger impact. What I mean, I love connecting with women and making them feel beautiful. Now I can also connect with more women and make an impact on their health.

By spreading the word and educating others on the beauty products we use and what we want to avoid, I am part of the clean beauty movement. That’s what I want. I want to change the beauty industry standard. I dream one day that my kids won’t need to read labels and ingredient lists because there won’t be anything harmful allowed in products. That’s what I’m striving for.

I recently watched the documentary series “Down to Earth,” and it’s incredible. It was so inspiring seeing how other countries were handling the environment and helping to keep it clean. I was obsessed! But it just goes to show that anything is possible and it’s up to use to make the change.

#5. I was very overwhelmed in the beginning

progress not perfection

Why was I so overwhelmed? Like I said before, the back of the labels used to look foreign to me. I did so much research, hours upon hours. I used to rattle off ingredient names in my sleep, so my husband says. I was researching daily, and I wanted to share everything I had been learning along the way.

I could have taken an easier route and signed up to work with someone or followed someone online for a while, but I did it on my own. It would have been much faster the other way.

I had to continue to remind myself that it is “Progress, not perfection.” Once you start noticing the harmful ingredients in your products, you want to throw everything out and start over. However, let’s be real, that’s not very realistic. You have to weigh how harmful one product is over another and start there.

I teach my students in Impact with Clean Beauty to make a list of what products they will replace first, second, third, etc. Then you don’t feel like it has to be all at once.

To learn more about Impact with Clean Beauty, click here.

#6. If you can’t pronounce, it doesn’t make it bad.

I used to think this. Clearly, if it’s that long and sciency, it must be synthetic and harmful, right?

Well, that’s not the case. A friend pointed out to me that a lot of the words are in Latin. When in doubt, look it up.

#7 Understanding labels is the key

There is so much more than just reading the ingredient list. First, you can see when the parent company is. Identifying the symbols will tell you a lot about your product as well. By starting there, you will be able to determine if the company has the same values as you, i.e., cruelty-free.

From there is where you need to identify the ingredients that are listed. If the ingredients aren’t on the packaging and I can’t find them online, that is a huge red flag. I want 100% transparency.

This step is usually where you will spend most of your time when you first begin your clean beauty journey.

#8. Haircare is the hardest

clean beauty haircare

I have found that trying to find clean shampoo is the HARDEST. It either contains fragrance, phenoxyethanol, or Cocamidopropyl Betaine. All of which are ingredients to avoid. Even some of the clean brands out there still include these.

So I have a few options that I have found that are good, but it took digging.

#9. Makeup is the easiest

There are a million clean makeup brands out there. (Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit). There are a lot! So if you want to make a quick switch, this is the category I would start with first.

#10 Fragrance is horrible and sneaky

clean beauty fragrance

If you turn your product around and read the ingredients and see fragrance/parfum, run for the woods. Companies can put many different chemicals behind this word and not have to disclose it because it is considered a “trade secret.” See, I told you they are sneaky.

I like to avoid synthetic fragrances completely. First off, they hurt my face. Yes, I said it. Have you ever walked past a candle aisle and instantly get a headache? It’s the synthetic fragrance in it.

Fragrance can cause allergies, respiratory issues, and even be a pollutant.

I’d rather opt for a natural scent, especially in my laundry. That’s one that we debate about in my house, our laundry detergent.


I have come along way in my clean beauty journey. Why do I call it a journey, because there will always be new data that comes out and new products to try. It doesn’t just stop one day.

I would love to assist you in beginning your clean beauty journey. Step one, grab your FREE list of harmful ingredients to avoid below.

Ready to check your products to make sure they aren’t harmful? Grab your free list of Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in your beauty products here.

clean beauty lessons

Jenny Brereton

I love teaching women how to transition to clean beauty products.  It gives them the control in knowing that what they use is safe for them and their family.

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  1. Kathryn Schepis

    I always love getting my haircut by Jenny. Jenny loves being a professional hair stylist. She has a passion for getting to know her clients and she truly LISTENS to your concerns above your hair. Jenny has a smile that can light up the world. and wants to really please you. Jenny has yet to reach her full potential, she is a wife, mother, daughter, stylist, researcher, and could be a phycologist. I would love spending more time with her, she has such a positive outlook and you can’t help feeling better when you leave her.
    I am not on Facebook but I always look for to her emails or YouTube.I look forward to learning all that she shares. Keep doing what you do Jenny your inspirational!!!❤️❤️❤️

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      Thank you so much Kathy for the kind words. It means a lot to me 💗

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