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Are your gray hairs bothering you?

“Those pesky grays are peeking through again. Wasn’t I just at the salon covering them up like 5 weeks ago.  Ugh, that line of out growth is so obvious.”

Have you had these thoughts before?

Do you get a root touch up to give full coverage and hide those grays?

I know many women who do and also quite a few who are over it.

If you are over it, I have another option for you!!!!  Actually two, depending on your preference.

Have you heard of blending gray?

It’s less maintenance.

Just ask my mom 🤣

She tells everyone, “We’re blending.”

Option 1: Foils 

Instead of having color applied to your roots to cover your gray, you will have your hair foiled with multiple colors.

So as a brunette, I add a color close to the natural brown, a red and a blonde.  Now the gray is part of the colors in the hair.

As a blonde, you will want to add a few shades of blonde.  Try a mid level blonde, golden blonde and a bright blonde. Then let the gray add in as one of these colors as well.

“What if I have a lot of gray around my hairline?”

It will take for you to get used to seeing gray around your hairline, but I promise it will get easier.

Try adding some lightness for the gray to blend into as it grows.

I’m not going to lie, the beginning of this transition can be difficult.  You will have to be ok with having those specks of glitter in your hair.

See what I did there? 

It’s not gray, it’s:



✨flecks of shiny unicorn hair

Girl, call it whatever you want!

You will have to get comfortable with them.  You will see them occasionally, but that’s ok, they’re like part of the family.

Do you prefer to have your hair 1 color and not necessarily multiple colors?

I’m not saying it has to be flat where you don’t still get multi-dimension.

Color has come so far, that a lot of colors (like the line I use), creates a lot of dimension and reflection in one color.

Are you also over the harsh line of gray that is growing out and you don’t want to have to keep up with the full coverage. (Seeing no grays anymore)

Well you can try blending your gray as well.

Option 2 : Demi color

A demi color will soften the gray and will give translucent coverage.

“What does that mean?”  

Well there is a lot of reflection in demi colors, so you will still see the gray, it just won’t be as bright.

Then when it’s growing out, the growth won’t be as obvious. This is not a permanent color. It fades out in 4-8 weeks instead of growing out like permanent color does.

“Why such a broad range of coverage?”  

There are a few factors that go into the life of your color:

✨The type of shampoo and conditioner you are using

✨How often you wash your hair

✨The quality of your water in the shower


✨How hot your water temperature is when you wash your hair

✨If you swim a lot in the pool or ocean

Blending gray hair can be done years before you ever let your hair go completely natural (if you ever choose to).

When you’re ready for this option, have an open mind and be ready for a change.  Schedule a consultation with your stylist and you two can plan the best option based on your hair needs and your desires.

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    Not ready ?

    1. Jenny Brereton

      Oh I know you’re not. ?. Just good to know there are always options.

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