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Are you ready to go darker?

As the change of season approaches, the change of color is usually right with it.  

I know I always loved going darker when I lived up north, where we actually had fall.  Here in FL it doesn’t feel like fall.  The sun is always shining, which is why I live here.  So I tend to keep my bright blonde.

I want to share with you some tips to get you ready for your change.

If you are used to be blonde you will want to take this gradual.  

Trust me girl, I dove head first into the deep end and it’s a shock.  I did not love it.  I don’t want you to feel the same way.

Here are 3 steps I recommend taking when transitioning from blonde to darker.

Step 1

I would suggest dipping your toes in, to see if you eve like the subtle transition.  Towards the end summer, start adding a low lite.  Keep it on the conservative side too, not too dark.  Ask to stay more blonde.  

I like to add 2 highlights to 1 lowlight at this phase.

Step 2


So you the water felt good, eh?  If you’re comfortable going a little darker with your lowlight, this is when I suggest doing it.  

Instead of keeping more blonde in your hair, this is where you will ask to have an even amount of blonde and dark foils done.

You may be ready to have a toner to make your overall blonde a shade darker as well.

Step 3

Girl you are waist deep, ready to jump in?  You can either repeat step 2 one more time.  This will get you used to even more dark.  If you are ready for the full darker color, go for it!

You’ve taken your time.  You’ve gradually adjusted.


At this point is where the crucial step takes place.  Do you keep your brown cool or warm?

What do I mean?

You will see ashy brunettes, that is cool. 

Or you will see brunettes with gold/ red tones, that is your warm brunette.

What do you go with?  

Do you prefer wearing silver or gold?  That’s a quick way to tell.  

Silver you like cool tones.

Gold you like warm tones.


From previous experience, I always felt like I really liked cool, ashy blonde.  You know, the white highlights.  So I went for the cool brunette.  

I didn’t think I liked warmth.  

Boy was I wrong!  I am used to the brightness around my face.  My suggestion, keep some warmth to your color.  It will give you that brightness you crave. 


Another option, you can go for the all over brunette and then keep some highlights around your face.


I bet it looks great!


To make sure you love it even more.  It’s time to change up your make-up a bit too.

I am going to share an awesome article I found from Allure on this.



Now you’re going to want to take care of your colored hair a little different than your blonde.  Follow these steps below to keep your color lasting longer.

  • Make sure you are using a color safe shampoo and conditioner. I suggest using Surface Trinity Shampoo and Conditioner.  It will help keep your color lasting 30% longer.

  • Next don’t wash your hair with hot water.  It will open your cuticle and release the color molecules.

  • Always condition!  It seals down your cuticle.

  • Don’t wash your hair everyday.  Let dry shampoo become your best friend.  My favorite is Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo.

One more thing.  Since your hair is used to highlights, don’t be surprised if you need to refresh your color a little sooner the first time.  More than likely, your hair is more porous.  Totally normal.

Now have fun with your new hair color!!!!

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