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Are You Ready for Longer Hair?


It can be so hard to grow your hair out!!!

There are a few awkward stages you will go through.

I remember when I grew out my asymmetric cut.  I had to keep cutting the longer side until my short side got to about my chin and then I cut them the same length.  Then I just had to keep cutting the front until the back caught up.

Whew, it felt like FOREVER!

I do think a bob is a hard cut to grow out though.  There is a weight line in the back and that’s what makes it lay so nicely.  

Well, I frequently felt like I looked like Mrs. Brady while growing a bob out. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m going to share  4 of my main tips with you, to help ease the grow out.


1. Play with your color.

When you are growing your hair out and you are going to the salon every 8-10 weeks just to get a trim to keep your ends healthy, it can get boring and fast.

I recommend to my clients to play around with their color.  That way, something is changing.

Then you can be excited for your new color and not focus on how long it feels like your hair is taking to grow.

If you’ve always wanted to try a really bright color but were nervous to try one, this would be the time.  You can try it as a peek-a- boo. Then it’s underneath your hair and you can play it up with styles when you want to show it off.

Another option is adding highlights, if you’re brunette or redhead.  Or adding lowlights if you’re a blonde.

Have fun, hair is meant to be played with.

2.  Have an end in mind.

I don’t mean you have to have the exact style that you want to grow to, but it will help with the process. 

For example, if you don’t want a bob at all anymore then you want to grow out the weight line and that can take a few appointments to blend it in.

If you want to have a single length cut, then you will want to start growing out your layers, and that needs to be planned for in your consultations.

Bring pictures along for your appointment that show longer styles that you like.  Then you and your stylist can have a game plan.

I love finding inspiration on Pinterest or even in magazines.  I also prefer when my clients show me a few different looks. Even if it’s just the bangs in 1 picture and the face framing layers in another picture.  You can piece together your own style.

When you have a plan, you can play with different haircuts along the way.  


3.  Get regular trims.

Have you ever heard the saying that if you cut your hair it will grow faster?

Well there is some truth to that.

If you don’t trim your hair, you will get split ends.  Split ends make your hair fragile and brittle and will start to break off.

When you trim the ends off and get rid of all of the split ends, it will allow your hair to grow.

Your hair grows on average ½ inch a month.  I recommend when you are trying to grow your hair, you should get it trimmed every 8-10 weeks.  


4.  Learn a few different ways to style your hair.

To help with the boredom I recommend you try some new hairstyles.  

I love using accessories.  I’m super pumped that the scrunchies are back!  

Anyone else? 🙋🏼‍♀️

I have also found some cute hair clips.  I like adding those to a basic ponytail, a bun or even wearing if half up.

I challenge you to try 1 new hairstyle each week.  Even if it’s something as small as a small braid around your face.

Do you find it frustrating or a waste of time searching aimlessly online, to try to find a style, and then to be even more frustrated after watching the tutorial because it didn’t make sense?

I offer 1:1 virtual styling sessions.  You can pick out 3 different hairstyles for me to teach you.  I will teach you how to style your own hair while I show you on mine or a mannequin.  Then I can see what you are doing and if you need to make any adjustments.  

At the end of our session, you will receive a copy of our styles to follow along to in the future when you practice.  I will also recommend the products that were used to create each style.

Then you can become a master at styling your own hair.

Click here to sign up.


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