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Are You Holding Yourself Back?


Have you ever wondered how much further you could be to reaching your goals and dreams, if you didn’t keep blocking yourself?

What do I mean?

We are constantly labeling ourselves?  Examples:

Are you vegan?

Are you non techie?

Are you a non runner?

Are you labeled by an illness?

We are constantly letting ourselves off the hook with the excuses we give ourselves because of our labels.

When you begin to notice what your goals are and what words you keep saying about yourself in relation to them, you will pick up on your labels.

Label #1

Through my years as an entrepreneur, I have given myself plenty of labels.  I will share one with you here. As a hairstylist, I always felt like I didn’t “look” the part.

I mean what does a hairstylist look like?  

Well in my mind and what I heard from people, a hairstylist has vivid colors and is always changing her hair.  

Well I am blonde and have long hair.  I love my hair.

You know what?  I told myself this story.

I never once heard, “You don’t look like a hairstylist.”

Having those thoughts about myself were blocking my confidence that I had in myself and in my career.

Label #2

I also used to want to be a runner, but said I wasn’t one.

I used to make jokes that if I had cute workout clothes or an awesome playlist I would run.  Those were my insecurities creating excuses to keep me safe.

Well, once I started noticing that and really taking it seriously that I wanted to run, I took a class.

That’s right, a class on how to run.  (my husband teased me on this one)

It was so helpful, it helped me learn how to land properly on my feet, to prevent injury.

Then I got fitted for the right shoes and bought the right workout gear, and I now run 2-3 times a week.  One of those being a 5k every Sunday.


I have so many other stories I could share with you.  We all do! 

Instead, I want to help you start to notice your own labels.  Here are 4 steps to help you overcome these labels.

Step 1: 

I want you to write down what some of your current goals are. Please add some details about exactly what your goal is and what steps you need to take to accomplish this goal.

Step 2:

Looking at your goal, I want you to now write down how you are doing at achieving this goal.

Have you noticed any labels that you are putting upon yourself?

Are you looking to start a new business and you are saying you don’t know what to do? 

Maybe you’re not a techie person, so you’re stuck there.

Have you thought no one will want to buy this, therefore I’m not good at this?

These are major labels that are very common in the entrepreneur world.  Acknowledging these labels is huge to overcoming the blocks they put on you.

So make sure you write down all of those labels.

Step 3:

I want you to read back to yourself each of the labels you have written down.  Hearing it out loud, does that really reflect who you are?

Now think of it this way, if you had a friend who was starting a business would you let them or someone else talk about them the way you are labeling yourself?



It’s not true.  Don’t treat yourself the way that you wouldn’t treat your best friend.

I remember being at a class before and saying to someone, “Oh I didn’t realize we were supposed to get all dressy.  Look at me! Now I look sloppy.” You know what he said to me, “Don’t talk to my friend that way.”

It’s so true, I was thinking how cute those other girls looked and totally put myself down.

I loved the way he turned it around and it completely made me think more about the way I talk to, and about myself.

Step 4:

This is where the magic happens.  I want you to look at the labels you wrote down and I want you to flip it.

If you aren’t a runner, write how amazing you are at running and you feel so accomplished and proud of each 5k you finish.

Is your label ‘no one will buy what you have to offer’?

Flip that script, “I have so much to offer to my soul mate client.  The program or product I am offering will add value to their life and will make major impacts.”

Do you know why this is?

It’s coming from you!  You are the only you out there and that’s your power.

No one can get what you offer from someone else, because it’s not coming from you.

Once you start flipping your labels, you will begin to recognize each time that you begin to add a label to yourself and you will really think, “Is this really who I am?”

If that’s who you really think you are, then you have a choice.  Is that who you want to be, or not? If not, change it. Be resourceful and figure out what you need to feel right.

You are so unique by being YOU!  I want you to love who you are and own it!!!

Here is a book that I have read that really makes you feel good: “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero.

You walk away from this book truly feeling like a badass!  Why? Because you are!


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