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Makeup Tutorial in 5 Minutes Using Clean Beauty Products

I’m showing you my 5 min quick makeup tutorial using clean beauty products.  I know that the mornings can get hectic and you may not even have time to sit down for breakfast, let alone do your makeup.  I am using 7 products and I can be ready in less than 5 mins while sticking to your healthy lifestyle.  


Watch below for my tutorial.

Ready to check your products to make sure they aren’t harmful? Grab your free list of Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in your beauty products here.

Clean Beauty Makeup I Love:

clean beauty makeup

Foundation: I LOVE Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation.  It goes on so smooth.  I apply it with my IT foundation brush.


Concealer:  In the video I used Tarte Beauty Concealer.  I will be replacing that one and will try the concealer from Ilia which is a much cleaner brand.  As I stated in the video, I just don’t like to waste it.


Powder: I am loving the translucent finishing powder from Ilia.  It’s a great finishing powder and helps to control oil.


Blush: I just discovered my new love for cream blush.  Never understood the concept before, but now I do.  I am using the one from W3LL People.  You can also use it on your eyelids and lips.  So it’s a trio!


Eyebrow:  In the video I used W3LL People eyebrow gel.  I love the mascara wand.  It makes them look so natural.


Mascara: I am obsessed with Ilia mascara.  My absolute favorite.


Eyeliner: I am trying out Ilia eyeliner at the moment.  It stays put, but I don’t like that you can’t sharpen it.


Lipstick: Juice Beauty lip crayon is great!  I do love how moisturizing it is and has a light sheen.  It doesn’t last for hours, but I’m ok with that.

Ingredients you want to avoid with your Makeup 

danger in makeup

PEG 10 Dimethicone is a common ingredient that can be contaminated with 1,4 Dioxane which is a known carcinogenic.


Talc is dangerous in powder products.  It could be contaminated with asbestos which is a known carcinogenic.


Perfume can cause allergies or asthma.


Paraben is a hormone disruptor.


Lead can cause problems with the brain.  


These are just a few common ones that you want to avoid.


Simplify your makeup routine


I find the less I own the better.  A great way to start with your makeup clean out is to get rid of expired products.  Foundation expires after one year.  Mascara and liquid eyeliner is only good for 3 months. Lipstick expires after one year.


After you have gone through expirations.  Next step will be to get rid of makeup you don’t like or don’t wear.  Like the trendy eyeshadows that you don’t like anymore.


The less decisions you need to make the quicker it will be to do your makeup.


Taking the time for yourself, no matter how big or small, should be a top priority for you.  


Grab your list of harmful ingredients to avoid in your beauty products.  After you download make sure to read the labels on all of the products you put on your body.  You will be shocked how many harmful chemicals are in your products.

Ready to check your products to make sure they aren’t harmful? Grab your free list of Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in your beauty products here.

Jenny Brereton

I love teaching women how to transition to clean beauty products.  It gives them the control in knowing that what they use is safe for them and their family.

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