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3 Tips to Reduce Stress When Switching to Clean Beauty

Today is the day that you are switching to clean beauty and starting a toxin-free lifestyle!!! Where do you begin? First off, what are you going to do not to get overwhelmed, super stressed, and quit like you did last time you wanted to switch?

Has this been you before?

It had been me. It had been me in many aspects of life. You get all excited about trying something new, and you dive headfirst. It’s like an all or nothing approach. Then the stress creeps up, you get overwhelmed, there is too much to do, and you don’t know where to start.


Like I said, this was me. Before you know it, it’s too hard, and you push off to the list of things you’re going to do when you have more time.

Not anymore, lady! I’m here to help and share my top 3 tips with you that will help to defeat the stress and kick the overwhelm out.

Watch my short 7-minute video below or if you’d instead read, scroll on down.

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Making changes with anything in life can feel like a lot. One thing to remember is that change doesn’t happen overnight. 

I remember hearing this after having my kids and losing the baby weight. It didn’t appear overnight, and it took 9 months, so don’t expect it to disappear overnight either.

So give yourself grace and acknowledge the small achievements along the way.

Tip #1: Write out your WHY when switching to clean beauty

This tip you can use with all changes in life, but today we’re going to be talking about your switch to toxin-free, clean beauty. Ahh… this is my jam.

Why are you making this switch? Most women it’s because they want to be healthy and their family too.

That’s awesome! Mine is to be healthy for me, my family, the environment, and not harmful to animals.

I will tell you, going deeper into your why will make the process less stressful.  

Why do you want to be healthy?

Do you have sensitive skin? An autoimmune disease? Infertility issues? Are your hormones out of balance?

Be specific. The more specific, the easier your transition will be.

Did you write it down? I’ll wait…

After you’re done, I want you to put it where you can see it. I like to stick to my computer. I even will add things as my wallpaper on my phone if I need a good reminder.

When you begin to feel stressed, look at your WHY. Let that help to realign your purpose. It will refocus your mission and kick the distractions out of the way.

Tip #2: Switching to clean beauty with your reason why.

This section will be different for everyone, depending on what your why is.

When my journey first began, I began switching all of my products over to ones that were cruelty-free and vegan. In my eyes, those would be the safest. (Sadly, I wish that was true, but it’s not).

However, let me clarify; it was my step 1 on my journey. There are multiple levels to everyone’s journey. This made me aware to begin looking at my labels and start to recognize ingredients. This may not have meant that my products were toxin-free, but it did begin my journey.

If you’re why is because you have infertility or hormone issues, then I suggest by learning the ingredients that are big contributors to that. There are many ingredients that we are putting on our bodies every day that are endocrine disruptors.

If you’re why is because you have sensitive skin, then I would begin switching out products with ingredients that are known allergens. Some ingredients are known to cause rashes, skin irritations, and are sensitizers. Maybe your skin isn’t as sensitive as you thought, but perhaps you’re reacting to those types of ingredients.

Many women begin their journey when they become moms. You can either start out with ingredients that are advised for pregnant or nursing women not use. Or maybe you start with the products that you put on your kids.

This leads me to tip #3.

Tip #3: Switching to clean beauty with one category at a time

When I launched my beta program for Impact with Clean Beauty, I was diving deeper into my journey while helping others begin theirs. My journey did begin by diving headfirst.

This was so overwhelming for me. I added a week to my program to develop a much simpler approach to going through your products, identifying harmful ingredients, and making your plan for switches. I felt that if this was overwhelming to me, and I felt it was too time-consuming, I knew I had to make it simpler for my students.

I stepped back and divided everything into categories. Broke each week into either haircare, skincare, makeup, body care, and nail care, and added bonuses for pets, laundry, and personal care.

This was a bite-size approach that wouldn’t be too time-consuming or overwhelming to go through. If you’re anything like me, you have A LOT of products.

My recommendation to you would be to take your products one category at a time as well. When you finish one, move onto the next.

By following these approaches, I was able to make my transition much less stressful.

I can be way hard on myself and make myself feel like I have to get everything perfect, and if I use something that has an ingredient that someone else may not think is safe, then I’m doing it wrong.

Well, girl, if you can relate to me at all, give yourself grace. You are doing wonderful. You’re making changes by even reading this. Everything in life is a journey. You just need to begin. When you feel comfortable with step 1 and are ready to ditch more toxins, begin. You don’t need to do everything at one time.  

You don’t even have to do everything on your own. Book a free 20-minute strategy call with me and see how I can support you on your toxin-free lifestyle journey.

Ready to check your products to make sure they aren’t harmful? Grab your free list of Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in your beauty products here.


Jenny Brereton

I love teaching women how to transition to clean beauty products.  It gives them the control in knowing that what they use is safe for them and their family.

To learn more about Jenny click here.

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