Summer Beauty Trends

2020 Summer Beauty Trends

Oh, the sun is shining, and the sky is blue.  Are you ready for summer and the beach or pool?  Let’s dive into the 2020 Summer Trends.

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Now that we are beginning to leave our houses and get back to the outside world, what should you do?

Have you been obsessing over Instagram or Pinterest and seeing what the summer trends are? 

Time for a new hairstyle, new make-up, and time to up your fashion. Let’s dive into 2020 summer trends.


Summer Haircut Trends

What do we see in the hair world? We’re bringing back some older decades.


A 70’s Fringe

  We are looking at a curtain bang. You want to part in the middle and have both sides sweep to the side. Have fun with this one because you can pick whatever length you want the fringe to start at.

summer beauty trend

Side Bang

 I’m not talking about the long side-swept bang, and now we’re looking at a full side bang. This flatters round faces really well.

summer beauty trend

Shag bob

 Gone are the Victoria Beckham angeled forward inverted bob. You can play around with this one and have a blunt bottom and a lot of layers. This will give you a lot of texture and movement. Really flatters curls and waves.

summer beauty trend

Blunt bob

 Another classic cut that we are not seeing leave anytime soon. The perfect thing with this cut is it can make fine hair look thicker.

summer beauty trend

90’s iconic “the Rachel”

 That’s right, Jennifer Aniston is STILL setting trends. She is such a beautiful lady. You can see celeb Selena Gomez rocking this style now. The length is around shoulder length with a lot of layers.

summer beauty trend

Do you notice a trend for haircuts this summer? It’s all about the layers and texture baby.

Summer Haircut Trends


I’m still seeing a more natural approach with hair color this season.


 This is for my brunettes out there. It is adding natural highlights to you brunette babes. It is a natural, seamless blend.

summer beauty trend

Buttery Blonde

 More blondes are starting to opt for that light buttery blonde color over the platinum color.

summer beauty trend


 I have noticed a huge increase in women embracing their natural gray or white hair. Many women are opting to have their hair colored gray and are ready to forgo the color service. Even the younger gals are still opting for a light gray or silver hue to their hair.

summer beauty trend

Smokey vivid colors

 Vivid (funky) colors are still trending, but more people are opting for a smoked out look.

summer beauty trend


Summer Hairstyle Trends

High Ponytails

 It just goes to show what I always say, “The higher the pony, the better the day.” Well, I usually reference a bun, but whateve.

summer beauty trend

Metal Accessories

 There is a big increase in cute, designed bobby pins, even hair clips.

summer beauty trend


 I love ribbons and scarfs or bandanas to add that special touch to any style.

summer beauty trend

Center Part

 This goes hand in hand with the curtain bang. More women are switching up their side parts for summer parts.

summer beauty trend


 I still see a lot of waves, curls, braids, and tousled hair.



Summer Make-up Trends

Muted Natural

 I believe many women got used to not wearing much make-up because of working from home and quarantine. Or if you’re like me, you wear a mask all day at work, and no one sees your make-up.

summer beauty trend

Soft Pink

 Feeling the feminine vibes.

summer beauty trend

Pastel Make-up

 This is mainly seen amongst make-up, clothes, and hair color. Fits the style of softness we are seeing all around.

summer beauty trend

Velvet Lip

 Even with a muted, natural look, a bold lip can be beautiful.

summer beauty trend

Watercolor eyes

 This is or me. I have seen tutorials on this and pictures, super cute and unique.

summer beauty trend

Summer Fashion Trends

Fashion is not always my area of expertise, but I found a great blog to get these fashion trends from here.

Natural Tones

 Think of your whites, creams, khakis, and grays.  

summer beauty trend

Parisian Style

 This has got to be one of my favs! Flowy pants, high-waisted, hippie/ bohemian vibes.

summer beauty trend

All white

 We are going monochromatic here.

summer beauty trend


 I am seeing floral print all over from dresses, to pants, to skirts.

summer beauty trend


 I see more pleated more in skirts.

summer beauty trends

Jeans + white tee

 Very classic look. It’s even trendy to wear button-down white tops too.

summer beauty trend


As come any trend for any season, remember to make it your own.  Be your unicorn!!

What’s next?

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