Are your beauty products toxic and harmful to you and your families health?


Click below to get my list of Top 10 Harmful Ingredients to AVOID in Beauty Products.



Have you been feeling like?

  • You want to be healthier and your family too?

  • There’s not enough hours in the day to research all of the harmful ingredients and what products are safe.

  • It’s overwhelming trying to figure out where to start when transitioning to clean beauty products.

  • Trying all of the different products to find out that they don’t work, and you wasted your money.


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Girl, I can help you!

  • I will teach you what ingredients you want to avoid that are harmful for your health and the health of your family.

  • There is a list of products that I love and I will share that with you.

  • I will save you time from researching and do the work for  you and share everything that you need to know.

  • You will feel more confident advocating for your health and feeling confident with what you are putting on your body.


Client Love

Work With Me

1:1 Transition to Clean Beauty

I will go through all of the products you own and give you a report back of what is clean and what is not. Along with, recommendations and links to swap with.​

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Impact with Clean Beauty

I host a 30-day program that will give you confidence knowing what you put on your body is healthy for you and the environment.

Salon Appointment

I love working with women and bringing out their natural beauty. The products that I use are of the highest quality so I can ensure that it is healthy for you, me and the environment.